0544 1795640 terme@termedelmare.it Lungomare G. Deledda, 38 - Cervia (RA)

Le Terme del Mare, in Cervia

Le Terme del Mare is a new Treatment Centre based in Cervia, overlooking the sea, next to the “Club Hotel Dante”, located on the ground floor of the historical “Dante” Colony.

The Centre is directly connected to the main facility and to the thermal pools and is a modern, functional and welcoming structure, offering prevention and treatment services for different chronic pathologies and to foster wellbeing and good health.

The Spa water has been classified as sodium chloride and bicarbonate chloride water, as they are rich in natural elements and are therapeutically active against various pathologies of the respiratory, circulatory and locomotor systems.

The Centre is affiliated with the Italian National Health System for various cycles of treatment.

The following treatments are therefore available – with a free admission medical examination:

  • Inhalation therapies to treat upper and lower respiratory tract pathologies (e.g. Pharyngolaryngitis and chronic Sinusitis), using state-of-the-art inhalation devices, also suitable for children;
  • Treatment for Rhinogenic Deafness (e.g. dysfunction of the Eustachian Tube, Otitis, Ototubaritis, Stenosis of the Eustachian Tube, Rhinogenic Hypoacusia, Chronic Catarrhal Otitis, Rhinogenic hearing loss, Tympanitis);
  • Balneotherapy for osteoarticular pathologies (e.g. diffuse arthrosis, osteoarthrosis and other degenerative forms, osteoporosis, Extra-articular RA, dermatological diseases);
  • Vascular treatments with vascular hydrocourse and single-tub hydro-massage for chronic lower limb Vasculopathies and Phlebopathy;
  • Motor and respiratory rehabilitation treatments;
  • Massage with qualified Physiotherapists for pain-relieving, relaxing and toning treatments;
  • Specialized thermal examinations (e.g. physiatry, ENT, cardiology, etc.).