The course of treatment for rhinogenic deafness includes:

  • Medical Examination for Admission
  • Audiometric or impedance testing at the beginning and end of treatment
  • 12 Eustachian Tube insufflations (Politzerization)
  • 12 inhalation treatments

The ‘Terme del Mare’ also has an ENT centre, offering therapies that are particularly suitable for adults and children suffering from rhinogenic deafness – such as ET insufflations or politzerization. In addition – based on the medical team’s advice – inhalation treatments can also be combined with pulmonary ventilation in case of chronic bronchopneumopathy.

Rhinogenic deafness is a hearing loss resulting from inflammatory processes affecting the high respiratory tract (nose and throat) and is often associated with enlarged tonsils and adenoids in children.

After a thorough medical examination and an audiometric or impedance test, the patient undergoes the recommended treatments, which include – together with 12 inhalation treatments – ET insufflations (injection of sulphureous gas into the middle ear) or politzerization. These therapies ensure ventilation of the tympanic cavity, restoring hearing loss and thus resolving and preventing the onset of inflammatory processes in the ear.

When in contact with the respiratory tract, thermal water has a beneficial effect, which can treat chronic inflammation and help prevent respiratory illnesses and cold.

Moreover, the beneficial effect of the therapy is even amplified by the Spa environment, facing the sea and close to a regenerating pinewood, adding a balsamic effect.