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Italian National Health System Treatments Category

List of available DIAGNOSIS and RELATED THERMAL TREATMENT COURSES that can be carried out at “Le Terme del Mare”, with direct access based on a GP or pediatrician’s prescription.


(Recommended course of treatment)

  • Balneotherapy cycle
    (12 therapeutic baths)
  • Peripheral Vasculopathy Treatment Cycle
    (12 hydro-massages or 12 vascular hydro-paths)
  • Inhalation Treatment Cycle
    (24 services e.g.: inhalation, aerosol, and pulverisation)
  • Rhinogenic Deafness Care Cycle
    (24 services e.g.: 12 inhalation treatments + 12 ET insufflations or 12 politzeritazion cycles)
  • Treatment Cycle integrated with Controlled Pulmonary Ventilation
    (24 services e.g.:12 inhalation treatments + 12 pulmonary ventilation cycles)


  • Diffuse arthrosis
  • Osteoarthrosis and other degenerative forms
  • Extra-articular rheumatism
  • Consequences of chronic phlebitis
  • Consequences or sequelae of peripheral vascular surgery
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Lower limb varices
  • Chronic lower limb vasculopathy
  • Chronic phlebopathy sequelae
  • Chronic sinusitis-bronchial syndromes
  • Simple bronchitis or accompanied by an obstructive component
  • Chronic vasomotor rhinopathy
  • Chronic pharyngo-laryngitis
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Chronic catarrhal otitis
  • Tubaric dysfunction
  • Chronic ototubaritis
  • Tubaric stenosis
  • Rhinogenic hypoacusis
  • Rhinogenic deafness
  • Chronic bronchopathies
  • Chronic simple bronchitis or accompanied by an obstructive component

Useful Information

The above-listed thermal treatments can be covered by the Italian National Healh System: a medical prescription or a “red” paper prescription provided by a general practitioner or a pediatrician, or AUSL specialist, all issued by the Italian National Health Service.

Each patient is only entitled to 1 cycle of spa treatment, once a year (excluding specific cases of disability), thus only paying a Ticket fee for non-exempt patients.

Treatments paid for by the Italian National Health Service must be completed within 60 days from the treatment start date.

Booking an admission Medical Examination, Treatment and Admission Paperwork

To avoid long waiting times, it is necessary to book date and time for the admission medical examination and treatment by calling the following number: 0544 1795640.

Clients are requested to go to the cash desk with:

  • GP’s “red” prescription
  • Valid identity document
  • Healthcare card

The Admission Medical Examination is compulsory – yet free of charge – for those who have a prescription from the Italian National Health Service for Spa treatments.

The Health Department recommends submitting your recent medical documentation for in-depth diagnostics, to define the best tailored therapy based on individual requirements.

GP and specialist doctor’s advice will be considered.

Thermal treatments give better results if carried out for at least 12 days.

Thermal therapy is more effective when repeated over several consecutive years.

Several courses of treatment are recommended, within the same season, with at least 1 month break.

Harsh temperature changes should be avoided during thermal treatments and it is recommended not to leave the thermal environment until the body reaction is positive.

General Information

Treatment information is strictly personal and cannot be transferred to other people and no refunds will be made for any reason.

Declarations proving treatment periods for clients who require special leave from work are issued by the secretariat once the treatment has been completed.

Declarations for insurance purposes or for reimbursement from personal health insurance funds must be requested before starting the treatment.